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How to minimize the effects of system failure for Tpae-based products

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How to minimize the effects of system failure for Tpae-based products


What do you do when you experience a failure of critical applications? How do you react when the system hangs and you are unable to access vital system content? Are you tempted to take out your frustrations on your computer? You wouldn’t be the first person…

System downtime can be a major annoyance to users and can potentially impact your customers and the level of service you provide. If system reliability is of great concern to your organization, then a highly available system configuration may be the solution.

By configuring a highly available system, you can be prepared to handle both hardware and software failures. Service is quickly restored when a system, a component, or an application fails. A highly available system gives your organization the assurance of minimal downtime and creates the opportunity for savings when the cost of downtime is high.

You can now learn about how to configure your system for high availability in the IBM® Maximo® Asset Management Version 7.5 information center. The Implementing highly available systems section contains useful planning information and examples of common topologies, such as warm standby and load-balanced configurations ( High availability is supported for products that are based on Tivoli®'s process automation engine, such as Maximo Asset Management, IBM industry solutions, and IBM SmartCloud Control Desk.

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