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Server Round Trips Taking Too Long?

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Server Round Trips Taking Too Long?


In Maximo 7.5 the user interface properties were moved from the file into the database. Now these properties can be accessed and configured from the UI.   Change can occur dynamically - without shutting down the server or rebuilding and reploying ear files, making Maximo more responsive so users can work faster. 


For instance, if you have applications where your users experience network latency and the server round-trips for validation take too long consider Client-Side validation. 


Use the System Properties application and filter for those properties with an mxe.webclient prefix in their property name.   (These are the web client system properties which will affect the behavior and characteristics of the UI.)



Enable the asynchronous system settings along with the system properties mxe.webclient.ClientDataValidation  and mxe.webclient.ClientEventQueue.threshold.  These system properties enable client side data validation and the maximum number of events in the client event queue before the queue is sent to the server.  When you enable client side validation along with bumping up the number of events to 4 or 5 the user is notified of any errors immediately – no round trip to the server.  This is a Best Practice for users who experience network latency. 


For more information on System Properties in Maximo click here .  For more information on data validation click here.

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