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Billing fixed fees with Maximo for Service Providers

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Billing fixed fees with Maximo for Service Providers


Maximo for Service Providers is an add-on product for Maximo and SmartCloud Control Desk that helps meets the needs of clients who manage assets and services for customers, as a business, or clients who manage assets and services within an enterprise and bills internally for those services.  It includes a suite of applications that manage customer agreements, response plans, service delivery, supplier contracts and customer billing.  

A simple but powerful capability which is available in Maximo for Service Providers is the ability to bill fixed recurring fees.  These fees are typically negotiated as part of the Customer Agreement and allow the Service Provider to bill customers a fixed monthly fees for aspects of the services being provided.  The Billing schedule(s) in the Customer Agreements(SP) application define the terms of automated monthly billing and ensure that customers are billed every month, on a specified day.  
For example - The A1 Service Company provides building maintenance services to the offices of the law firm of Stein, Brown, and Roberts (SBR). The customer agreement for the services specifies that SBR is charged $4500 a month for general maintenance work. This amount is entered as a fixed fee on the customer agreement billing schedule. SBR is automatically billed $4500 on the 15th of each month.
This monthly fixed fee can be in addition to any other billing that might result from any other work related service.  You can have multiple billing schedules on an agreement and the cost of those bill schedules will automatically be billed each month and will not require the user to create a manual bill batch like price schedule billing.
To set up a billing schedule, you specify the first bill date for the schedule and a term that defines the number of months that the schedule runs. The final bill date is calculated to be the number of months in the term plus one day after the first bill date. The dates on the billing schedule must fall within the dates of the customer agreement.
When the customer agreement is approved, a sales order is created for each fixed fee, item, service item, scheduled usage, actual usage, or managed asset charge on the billing schedule. Prices are calculated according to the pricing rules that are defined for the billing schedule. The sales orders are then copied to the bill batch.
A bill batch is automatically created on the specified next bill date for each billing schedule on the agreement.
For more information on Maximo for Service Providers and the fixed fee billing mentioned in this blog click here or access the link below:…

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