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Migration Manager Replacement Rules

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Migration Manager Replacement Rules


Is the migration of configuration content between your Maximo instances requiring some "assistance" in dealing with content related errors?

Are you constantly dealing with failed deployment situations due to configuration content differences between your various Maximo instances (e.g. Development, QA) ?

If you answer yes to any of the previous questions, you might want to leverage Migration Manager Replacement Rules functionality and replace, during package deployment,  invalid field values before they generate a deployment error condition.

Let's consider a scenario where your target Maximo instance does not include, as part of its location hierarchy, values included in deployment packages generated from your source Maximo instance. When deployed, the expected outcome of the deployment process will be an error condition due to invalid location reference. Although it’s possible to leverage Migration Manager Deployment Error Management functionality to correct and re-initiate package deployment depending on the number of errors, this task could become very time consuming.

This scenario can be addressed in a proactive fashion, basically by identifying gaps or discrepancies between instances' configuration and leveraging Migration Manager Replacement Rules functionality. These rules enable the migration process to replace source field values (invalid location) with ones that can be successfully deployed into target environment (default valid location). By having have better control of configuration content you are deploying, you will be able to avoid deployment errors associated with referenced data (in a migration package) that does not exist in target system.

In a nutshell Migration Manager Replacement rules are:

-Registered in Target Maximo instance

-Specified per object and applied at the attribute level

 Migration Manager mapping rule execution is based on

-Database actions, insert, update, or delete event

-Rule conditions, by means of a various evaluation types (EQUALS, GREATER, LESS).


For a detailed description on how to create and execute replacement rules check Deploying Packages. Migration Manager Replacement rules leverage functionality provided by Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) processing rules engine. For additional info on MIF rules, please check Integration Framework – Processing Rules and Controls

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