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Work Packaging with Maximo ACM for Transportation Assets

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Work Packaging with Maximo ACM for Transportation Assets


The Challenge: Planning packages of work can provide a number of challenges, particularly for transportation type assets where the dynamic nature of the assets operations means that the asset may not be where it is supposed to be!! Maintenance facilities are resourced based on carrying out a range of maintenance tasks, they know that for a given time period they will be maintaining an asset from the fleet (or a third party client) but not necessarily which specific asset it will be, to a certain extent they do not care which asset it will be.  Maximo provides strong capability for defining the preventive maintenance (PM) program and the generation of the associated work orders, however, there is a challenge in deciding when to generate the work orders if there is a risk that the asset may not be available for maintenance when planned and an alternative asset will be allocated for maintenance in its place, this is a typical scenario in both rail and aviation. 
The Solution:  Maximo Asset Configuration Manager (ACM) has developed capability for 'work packaging' as part of the Maintenance Planning (CM) application, this enables planners to create packages of work by viewing all forthcoming PMs and filtering by asset and 'units to go' so that any number of PM records can be selected for inclusion into a Work Package that is specific to an aircraft, rail vehicle etc.
Once the PM's have been selected they are added to the Work Package.  At this point the planner can view 'work package summary', this details the total number of events and the combined resource requirements so that the planner can review if the total package of work is appropriate for the planned maintenance period and add, remove or retain the current selection. 

The Maintenance Location, Maintenance Slot (this will be covered in a later blog) and scheduled start / finish dates are selected.  Once the planner is satisfied that the work package has the correct content it is approved and the Work Orders can be generated by using an action from the menu.
A parent Work Order is created to represent the work package with the PMs selected  as child work orders.
Any other open work orders may be added to the work package by using the action  'work package / add work orders' from the menu in Work Order Tracking (CM).
The Work is completed in the normal manner using the range of Maximo work management functions and the work package status is manually completed.
 The work packaging functionality also allows for duplicate PMs to be managed, this is a situation that can occur when a large maintenance activity is being carried out and the work package includes multiple PMs that may have duplicate tasks, this is inefficient and can be time consuming to resolve, typically this is a task that is passed to the work supervisor to sort out.
Future ACM blogs will blogs will cover maintenance forecasting and slot planning.

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