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Lost in translation in the Maximo Asset Management 75 Information Center

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Lost in translation in the Maximo Asset Management 75 Information Center


Do you ever feel like Bill Murray or Scarlet Johansson in the film Lost in Translation and consider the Maximo Asset Management 7.5 Information Center your equivalent Toyko?

If you use secondary languages in your product, you will notice that regardless of whether you install a Maximo 7.5 product for the first time or whether upgrade to a MAM 7.5 fix pack, such as or, only the updated English content is available in the Information Center (IC). As you navigate through your secondary content, such as French or Japanese, you see content in English and you might wonder where the French or Japanese content is or has gone.

During the installation and upgrade processes, only the English content is updated in the Information Center. To access the translated content, you must download the translated content from Fix Central. Detailed information on how to download the Maximo 75 translated content fix packs is available here: Maximo Asset Management or Maximo Asset Management

If you would like to access translated content for another product, navigate to the Support site:

In the Search field, specify the name of your product and "translated content". For example, Maximo for Service Providers translated content. All documents created on the translated content are displayed and you can follow the instructions for the version of the product that you need.

The zip files for the translated content on Fix Central contain readme files that specify how to extract, rebuild, and redeploy the translated content.

If you need to access the translated content immediately, you can access the content on the published Information Center:

Take the link for the English published IC above and append the suffix ?lang=<language_code> to the end of the URL to view the translated IC. For example, the link to the French content is:

The following language codes are used in the naming convention for the languages:

  • Chinese (China): zh_CN
  • Chinese (Taiwan): zh_TW
  • Croatian: hr
  • Czech: cs
  • Dutch: nl
  • French: fr
  • German: de
  • Hungarian: hu
  • Japanese: ja
  • Korean: ko
  • Norwegian: no
  • Polish: pl
  • Portuguese (Brazil): pt or pt_BR
  • Russian: ru
  • Slovak: sk
  • Slovenian: sl
  • Spanish: es

If some of the content in the translated published IC displays in English, the translation center has chosen not to translate that part of the content.

*This process to access the translated content is also applicable to all Industry Solution and Add-on products.

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