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Changing Security Authorizations - Like Moving Mountains...

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Changing Security Authorizations - Like Moving Mountains...


As organizations security requirements evolve over time, it may become necessary to re-think your user roles. It is difficult to balance the need for granular access to application functionality and data with performance and administration overhead. Many customers have decided to simplify their configuration and there are some tools within the system that can help with this process.

 First, there is a Security Groups Report within the Security Groups application. This report can be run for a group or a user and will show everything that is granted. This can be valuable in determining what access is in what group and looking for duplicates.

 If you then decide that you want to change or remove some groups there is an action within the Users application ‘Set Security Profile’ that lets you select multiple users on the list tab and add, remove or replace group memberships in mass. This can also be used to configure default insert site and storeroom settings for many users at one time.

 This section of the Information Center has more details on how to use this action.


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