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Perspective on Nuclear Power Marketplace Activity

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Perspective on Nuclear Power Marketplace Activity


The recent marketplace success of Maximo Nuclear has proven its functional capability to satisfy some of the most sophisticated and demanding nuclear customers.  The sales also show that those capabilities when combined with Maximo’s native flexibility can succeed in address the emerging challenges of the new nuclear build cycle. These sales also highlighted the larger IBM team’s capability and commitment to client success.  Cross organizational worldwide collaboration of Sales, Software, Lab Services, and GBS demonstrate IBM’s depth as an organization.  This collaboration forms the foundation for the success of these projects. 

Four sales events represent specific milestones in the maturity of Maximo Nuclear.

First, the sale of Maximo Nuclear to the operator of a large nuclear power station under construction represents a major success of the strategy to place Maximo earlier into the construction cycle for the new generation of nuclear power stations.

  • IBM GBS is implementing Maximo Nuclear at the dual unit nuclear power station in two phases.  These units are currently under construction.  An initial implementation scheduled for completion in four months will support plant commissioning activities.  Commissioning follows bulk construction activities, and precedes plant operations.  Commissioning is the period when the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) organization for the new plant presents portions of the plant to the plant’s Owner Operator (OO) for acceptance, testing, and demonstration that all stringent requirements for safe nuclear operations have been satisfied.  Maximo Nuclear Work Orders, Permits, Clearances, Corrective Actions, Equipment Groups, and Configuration Change Management functionality will allow plant personnel to manage key commissioning activities.  This represents the first use of an advanced EAM system like Maximo Nuclear to play a key role during nuclear plant commissioning.
  • A complete implementation of all Maximo Nuclear capabilities follows.  The functional areas implemented for the commissioning phase will be expanded significantly, while the full range of additional Maximo Nuclear functionality will also be introduced.  For example, Permits of increased complexity will support critical operating plant processes like Radiation Work Permitting, and Radwaste processing.  The fully integrated work practices typical of the operating plant environment will augment the commissioning experience.  Similarly, the real time condition reviews for impact on operating plant safety will be incorporated, and the stringent requirements of operational phase nuclear configuration management will be put into place.  Finally, the full range of specialized Maximo Nuclear functionality will be utilized.  Some examples including Surveillance Testing, Lineups, Impact Plans, Regulatory Management, and Equipment Reliability.

imageSecond, the sale of Maximo Nuclear to long-time Maximo customer represents the decision of an experienced nuclear operator to move off a highly customized implementation and onto the functionally rich Maximo Nuclear 7.5 product.

  • The owner's dual unit nuclear power station has been successfully running a highly customized version of an earlier version of Maximo which predates the Maximo Nuclear Industry Solution.  In fact, the station has been recognized as one of the world’s top performing plants in terms of nuclear safety and production effectiveness.  Following extensive review of the N 7.5 product, the client decided to establish their path to the future around Maximo.  The station's highly functional custom solution satisfies all current operational and work management requirements.  N 7.5 will become the basis for satisfying their requirements, while at the same time meeting the schedule necessities of a highly constrained and ambitious operational schedule.
  • The station also plans a major upgrade to their control room and plant instrumentation and automation systems.  Maximo Nuclear’s capabilities to provide nuclear-grade configuration management support for this plant upgrade was considered in the selection.

imageThird, Maximo Nuclear licenses for development were sold to a utility by an existing business partner.  This represents a leveraging of the business partner's investment in Maximo Nuclear software and implementation experience.

  • The utility is currently constructing an advanced reactor design.  The sale was negotiated in the last quarter of 2011, and indicates a level of support for nuclear power extending past the accident at Fukushima caused by the unprecedented Tsunami of earlier in the year.

Fourth, multiple Maximo EAM licenses were sold to a large electric utility company which is currently constructing an advanced reactor.  This sale by an IBM business partner represents selection of Maximo by one of the largest generating companies in the world.

  • Both the addition of a world class electric utility as a Maximo customer with expressed interest in Maximo Nuclear, and the performance of an effective business partner in an important geographical region, are positive indicators suggesting future successes in the nuclear power market.

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