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BiLog: Pyramids...Maximo Report Users

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BiLog: Pyramids...Maximo Report Users


When faced with choices,  I often try to remember the food pyramid when deciding between a decadent red velvet cookie   and a crunchy Kale chip.   Consume large quantities of green leafy vegetables, and small quantities of delicious sugary treats the pyramid reminds me – while my stomach violently disagrees.

Likewise, a pyramid is key to understanding Maximo report users.  When we talk about Maximo users in terms of reporting and data analysis – we put them in the five categories shown here.  These categories are based on the user’s job requirements and skill sets within Maximo.

The pyramid is used to highlight that the percentage of users decreases as you move up the pyramid.  The enterprise users shown on the bottom is your largest segment of users, as compared to the other categories of users as you move upward thru the pyramid.

The Enterprise User is someone who accesses a very few number of Maximo applications, and limited number of reports.  These users are very reliant on a guided user experience, and love features like Direct Print where they can click on an icon, and the report automatically prints.

The Applcation User accesses a great number of Maximo applications, and a greater number of reports.   This individual is reliant on a number of different reports for use in his daily business tasks, and he may often schedule them to execute on a recurring basis.

In the middle of the pyramid is the Power User.  This is the user who wants access to all Maximo applications, and all reports.   These are the users who often request ‘backend database access’.   Additionally, they are often tasked by Management to investigate issues or trends, and have the ability to visualize data output in a variety of ways.  

Then, on the top of our pyramid are our most technical users who are the Developer and Administrator.  These users do not consume report output like our previous users – instead they are responsible for creating and maintaining it.  The Developer has very deep knowledge of databases, sql, java and creates complex reports.  Likewise, the administrator has very strong technical skill sets, and focuses on database management, networking and security.  

Next week, we’ll explain why these segments of users are so critical  when analyzing all the different Business Intelligence tools available to you in Maximo.

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