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Scripting report execution in 7.5

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Scripting report execution in 7.5


A few days ago Pam Denny and I had a discussion on whether any aspects of reporting could be automated through automation scripts. I had heard similar questions from clients at a previous Pulse event and I was quite intrigued by the possibilities. The user need was very clear though: can the end user avoid having to click through a number of steps to configure report execution and instead of the system execute the report in a pre-configured way? Such an approach should not require Java customization.
I spent some time reviewing the reporting framework and came up with the possibility of automating scheduled reports using scripts. Wanting to test this possibility I developed a script and launch point that can schedule the report upon the status change of a Purchase Order record in the Purchase Order application.
I wanted to share the results of investigation with you all. Attached to this blog are a detailed write up of my implementation and the script code itself. Though I do not describe it in the document, I was able to quickly prepare a Migration Manager package of the launch point and script and distribute it to a test environment where I tested my implementation further.
I hope to see your comments on this approach and outcomes - will this simplify report execution for your end users?

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