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Can I define rules for the configuration of an asset hierarchy in Maximo? a.k.a. Consist Management in Maximo for Transportation

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Can I define rules for the configuration of an asset hierarchy in Maximo? a.k.a. Consist Management in Maximo for Transportation


What exactly is consist management?

In the rail industry, a group of assets (cars, locomotives, etc.) that are coupled together to form a train are often referred to as a Consist.  This may also be referred to as a Train Set.

The process of assembling a collection of individual assets into a train set or consist is referred to Consist Management.

What this means in terms of a Maximo process is defining the possible contents of a two level hierarchy and defining rules around these contents.


Defining the structure and the rules


Reusable consist templates contain the structure and rules for building individual consists.  This is done in the Consist Templates (Tr) application.

For example you can build a template with five positions; three that are mandatory and two that are optional.  This means a train created based on this template can have between three and five assets and pass the rules validation.

For each of these positions, you can define the rules for populating the positions.  This could be limiting the assets used in the position to certain rotating item(s), asset type(s), or asset classification(s).  These rules can be mandatory (you cannot proceed if not met), warning (you are warned, but can proceed), or optional (rule is informational only, no warning is given is the rule is not met).

There are also consist level rules.  This means that you can define a rule that any asset in the consist can meet, it does not matter what position the asset is in.




 Creating working assets from the templates

Once the template is defined, we are ready to use them to create operating consists.

The Consists (Tr) application is used to take available, matching assets into positions on the template.  You can select asset from a list of assets that match any rules in the positions or filter the available assets to just those for a specific position.

You can easily move assets into and out of positions.

When you are finished populating the positions, the entire structure will be validated when you change the status to operating.




 What else can I do with this consist?

You can create work orders for consists.  All the assets that make up the consist will be in the multiple assets, locations and CIs section of the work order.

Meters can be defined for consists and the readings can roll down to the assets in the consist.

Consists can have preventive maintenance programs.

Inspections and servicing can be performed on consists.  If you use a consist in an inspection or service, the contents of the consist will be detailed for you automatically.


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