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BiLog: Expanding report visual capability …….New Dynamic Report Images

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BiLog: Expanding report visual capability …….New Dynamic Report Images


Clear.  Cold.  Refreshing.  Three words which could describe anything from a glass of water, a plunge in the Arctic Ocean, rice noodles, a class mint Mojito, or a run thru a sprinkler on a hot July Day.  Maybe another image comes to your mind...and you may quickly see where I'm going with this.  Text descriptions can often lead much to the imagination.

Visual ambiguities however, can lead to serious issues in our work environments, as everyone must have the same, consistent understanding of assets, items, or work orders.  A solid way to enable the same understanding is to add visual images to accurately 'picture' items and components.  

An example of this is in the Item application, where you can quickly attach an image to an item.  Whoever may procure, stock or work with that item can quickly look at the image of the item, and immediately confirm that they are working with the correct item.  Now, in the 7.1x and 7.5 releases, you can apply those same dynamic images to a report.

A key item to this new functionality is that the images are dynamic.   Currently, static images, like your company logo, can be displayed on all reports thru the use of a library file.  However, with the new functionality, the images vary by record as the image is stored in the database, and dynamically displayed at run time.

To enable this new functionality, new report scripting classes have been developed for you, and can be downloaded at IBM’s ISM Site.  

To assist your developer in utilizing this new functionality, a sample report design file is included with the download.   Your report developer then has access to both the scripting classes, plus an example of how they are used within a design file, which is shown here.   image


This new functionality is another way you can customize your reports for your individual report needs, as noted here in one of the Maximo Report Customization pages here

Please comment back if you have other report customization requests - thank you!

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