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BiLog: Ostriches and Best Practice: Engage in OnLine Resources

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BiLog: Ostriches and Best Practice: Engage in OnLine Resources


image With dazzling eyes, imposing heights and a two toe architecture, ostriches are indeed unique birds who quickly garner attention.  Today, I’d like to draw your attention to a reporting best practice of engaging in On Line Resources.

Over the last few BiLog entries, reporting best practices highlighted at IBM’s Pulse 2012 conference and in this video  have been recapped.
These reporting best practices included:  (1) Evaluate All Data Analysis Options detailed here  and (2) Invest in Report Object Structures here

 Today, the best practice of Engaging in On Line Resources will be detailed.  On Line Resources enable us to communicate with you dynamically as information, features and functionality evolve – and also, virtually – at any time, at any place.    With the ever-changing world we live in today, this communication is vital and extremely powerful.    The mechanisms used for this dynamic, virtual communication include SMC (Service Management Connect) and Report Reference Materials.

SMC is a Tivoli tool enabling users, business partners, and IBMers to connect, learn and share with each other.      SMC has child communities for each of the Tivoli products, including the one that most of us are focused on -- Maximo Asset Management.  From the Asset Management home page, you can link to its multiple components including:

Blogs: Similar to newspaper articles, Blogs highlight Best Practices, Customization and Configuration Details, along with product and functionality announcements.  Blogs often link to wiki pages, which provide more detailed diagrams, sample code and technical information.   BiLogs are report specific blog entries, and include a wide variety of configuration, customization and business rule details.

RFE:  Enable you to input, review and vote on Product enhancements

User Forum:  Very active site for users, business partners and IBMers to ask, review and comment on technical product and functionality questions

Groups:  Communities of People with a Common Interest.  The Maximo community enables you to receive monthly newsletters highlighting the latest product and training information, along with the ability to interact directly with IBMers and fellow users
Wikis Providing detailed diagrams, sample code and technical information, wiki pages enable you dynamic technical content. 

Wikis lead us to the second key component of on-line resources, which are Report Reference Materials.  The report wiki pages are used to highlight key reporting functionality and resources, including the key ones listed here: 
Report Reference Documentation: Lists all Report Reference Materials, including V7 Report Development and Feature Guides, Configuration, Localization and Cognos Integration guides
Report Enhancements By Release: Comprehensive page listing report enhancements by release, along with related technical blog and documentation detailing features
Tips for getting Started with Maximo Report Development: Includes details on creating custom report file structure, and modifying delivered reports
Data Analysis Options: Highlights options available including Result Sets, KPIs and Application Exporting
Report Comparison: Detailed comparison of two of the reporting tools enabled in the V7 Open Reporting Architecture – BIRT and Cognos Reporting

To maximize the use of these sites, you may want to consider the following tips/tricks:

1.  Join and Bookmark the SMC Asset Management Community to connect with other users, business partners and IBMers
Also, join the SMC Maximo Reporting Community to  interact and learn from other Maximo Report users.
2.  Set up feeds for the SMC Asset Management user forums or blogs, so updated information can get pushed to your email or internet home pages.  

3.  Set up a twitter account to have the latest information pushed to you by following the users below:
    @andbflo_denny    Pam Denny for Maximo Report Information, including notifications on new Blog and BiLog entries
    @smc_am   Service Management Maximo Asset Management Community
    @smc_am_reports Service Management Maximo Reporting Community
    @ServMgmtConnect   Tivoli’sService Management Community

If you have any questions on setting up or using these tools, please feel free to contact me at   Thank you!  

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