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BiLog: Fears..Meandering..Maximo Report Document Links

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BiLog: Fears..Meandering..Maximo Report Document Links



I have an unwarranted fear of bridges.  I attacked this fear head-on last week and forced myself to walk over a beautiful bridge in Portland, Oregon while attending the stellar MUWG conference.  My legs were unsteady and my mind continually meandered to the rust surrounding me – but I eventually claimed victory on the other side of the Williamette River.    
To minimize your meandering while looking for Maximo Report documentation, a new, downloadable spreadsheet has been prepared for you.  This spreadsheet lists all the Maximo report information, including titles, descriptions, links, revision levels and last posting date.   The spreadsheet is set up in a workbook format – with separate tabs for information on Maximo Report Planning guides, BIRT reporting, Cognos reporting, and Maximo Report Integration.
Check this out for some of the more popular guides including
V75 Report Booklet:   Lists the delivered reports with the Maximo 7.5 release
V75 Report Feature Guide  Details report functionality, including report execution, security, administration and many other features.
V75 QBR Ad Hoc Reporting Guide  Details how users can create and execute ad hoc reports in Maximo
V75 Direct Cognos 10.1.1 Install Guide  Reviews how to enable the Maximo-Cognos 10.1.1. report integration
Or some of the lesser known guides including
Report Comparison Guide, which details the differences between the embedded and integrated report options 
Report Page Sizes document, which was recently updated.  This document reviews the components impacting report page sizes and orientation used in the V7 BIRT Reports. It also details how you can customize them to meet your individual business needs.
Report Design Guide, which reviews data analysis options available for your unique requirements, along with items to consider when designing reports

A sample of the spreadsheet is shown here below



You can find the same information here on this Maximo Report Reference Materials Wiki page   But a few of you have asked for the same information in download-able format.

And don't forget to join the Maximo Report Community if you haven't already!  Its a great site to network virtually with Maximo Clients, Business Partners and IBMers on all aspects of Maximo Reporting!

Thank you – and please let me know if you have any questions, or cannot find the information you are looking for.     

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