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Scripting with Maximo

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Scripting with Maximo


Today I am going to introduce you to the world of scripting with Maximo. Maximo scripting let you customize a slew of Maximo components. These components include these kinds of customizations:
  • Customizing MBOs through save-point and initialization-point validations and actions and MBO field validations and actions.
  • Customizing workflow, escalation, conditional UI, menus, and push-button actions via scripted actions and conditions.

It is important to understand that the Automation scripts are a server-side artifact, as opposed to a client-side one. So all your scripts are executed on the server side as opposed to say in the browser.


The cool part about scripting is that you can use it without writing a line of Java code, or without restarting the server or rebuilding the EAR file. We understand that sometimes you need to customize using MBO code or the Maximo SDK and the scripting framework does not remove that power. You still have access to all of Maximo APIs as well the MBO instances in context. You can use a MBO to access any related MBO or set and can call all public APIs, such as those to invoke a Web service or a send an email from a script.


As for languages, you can code the script in the language of your choice. Jython and JavaScript are enabled by default. However, you should be able to use any JSR-223 compliant scripting engine or language, provided that you add the java-engine.jar file to the Maximo classpath (either ear or system). So if you are a JRuby or Groovy geek, try the version of those languages that supports JSR-223 and start grooving in Maximo. Just so you know, Maximo Support supports questions about scripts written only in JavaScript and Jython.


For more information, read the "Scripting with Maximo' best practices document located here. The document includes some scenarios and examples to help you get started with Automation Scripting. And please leave comments about the document to help us improve it and answer your questions.


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