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Application Development: Event Handling in the User Interface Framework

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Application Development: Event Handling in the User Interface Framework


Are you an application developer of a Maximo product?

Before you configure the user interfaces and applications within Maximo to meet your end users requirements, it is important to understand which events are sent to the the user interface framework when your users interact with application widgets.

Then you need to understand the ways the user interface framework can "handle" these events.

Grasp these two concepts about how out-of-the-box applications respond to events and you will be much more effective at customizing the user interface for your own use cases as well as building your own applications from scratch.

The following wiki article explains several of the most common ways that Maximo applications send and handle events:!/wiki/IBM%20Maximo%20Asset%20Management/page/UI%20framework%20event%20handling

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