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BiLog: Ad Hoc Reporting Security Access Levels...Seeing new ROS

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BiLog: Ad Hoc Reporting Security Access Levels...Seeing new ROS


In the Version 7 releases, you can create very powerful ad hoc reports in within the various Maximo applications - without requiring developer's technical skills or database knowledge - to meet your individual business and project needs. This functionality is often referred to as QBR, or Query Based Reporting. Throughout the BiLog (Business Intelligence) entries, I've touched upon some of the features of QBR reporting including
However, a client pointed out to me last week that I haven't highlighted QBR report security sufficiently. The client noted that he had spent time creating a new ROS for his users but he was frustrated when the new ROS did not display for them within the application. The reason this occurred was because he had missed a critical step - in granting security privileges to the ROS within the Report Administration application.

To prevent others from having this same issue, this wiki page has been creating highlighting the report security access levels

This page details the 5 levels of report security access:

1. Which security groups can run reports?

2. What reports can security groups execute?

3. Which security groups can create Ad Hoc (QBR) reports?

4. Which security groups who can create reports - can also enable public report access?

5. Which ROS can security groups access for their individual report creation?

The last three security features highlighted above are specifically targeted at ad hoc reporting.  The first defines who can create ad hoc reports, and then next defines if the group creating ad hoc reports can also grant public security access. The last security access defines which ROS are available to the security groups creating ad hoc reports.  This is critical when you have multiple ROS for a single application, and some may contain objects which you may not want each security group to have access to - like cost or labor information.

In addition to the new wiki page, you can also find details on the ROS security access in either the Version 7.1 or 7.5 Ad Hoc Reporting Feature Guides in the section titled 'Report Object Structure Security Access'. Details on accessing these guides can be found here 

Also, to hear the latest on Maximo reporting and to raise any other reporting questions you may have, please attend the Maximo Reporting Web Conference scheduled for next Tuesday, September 20th at 10am.  For more details on this conference, please access

Thank you! 

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