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Train employees with Maximo information resources

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Train employees with Maximo information resources


As useful as Maximo certification or in-depth Maximo training are,  not all your employees need them to carry out their jobs. Some employees only require just enough information to perform their daily tasks. Did you know that Maximo information resources can be a useful and cost-effective source of training content and support?

The first stop for anyone preparing Maximo training materials should be the Maximo Information Center. The Information Center contains help and information about Maximo Asset Management as well as the various Maximo industry solutions and add-ons. It provides detailed goal and task-oriented content to help your employees complete their work. You can install the Maximo Information Center on the Maximo server so that your employees can quickly access the help from the UI, regardless of your organization’s internet policy.

As the Maximo help documentation becomes more goal-oriented, you can pick and choose the content that is most suitable for the audience that you are training. For example, the administering content contains important information for system administrators, workflow designers and administrators would benefit from the materials in implementing workflow processes, while application developers would need access to information on creating and modifying applications.

Maximo is often heavily-customized,  so you might have features and functionality that are specific to your organization. Did you know that you can customize the Maximo user assistance and even integrate your own documentation with the existing Maximo help? We also provide translated documentation so that your employees can have access to important information, no matter where they are based.

As well as the Maximo information center, you can also access developerWorks, which is the portal for Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure social media. It enables you to connect, learn, and share information with developers and product support technical experts who provide their perspectives and expertize. On developerWorks you can access Maximo information in:

  • Continuous open Beta programs
  • Blogs, which contain product announcements and late breaking information
  • Wikis, which provide best practices, performance tips and other technical information
  • Forums, where you can have discussions with other Maximo users

Dive into these information resources to help design the training materials that meet your organization’s needs.

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