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BiLog: Printer Relationships..Configuring Duplex Printing with Report Separation

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BiLog: Printer Relationships..Configuring Duplex Printing with Report Separation


I have a love-hate relationship with office printers.   Our relationship flourishes when I remember its access code, and my printout waits patiently for me to pick it up.  But our relationship plummets, when I hear beep…beep…beep,  and the words ‘printer jam’ display.  As I loudly disassemble the printer’s drawers and toner cartridge in a fruitless search of a mangled crumb of paper, my frustration and choice of vocabulary skyrockets.

You may also have a complex relationship with your office printers.   One way you may want to configure your printer to better meet your needs, is to enable V7 Duplex Printing with Report Separation.   This will enable you to print on both the front and back of a sheet of paper, and have each new record display on the front of a new piece of paper - so each job can be distributed to different individuals/jobs.

To describe how this can be configured, imagine you have three workorder (WO) records to print: WO 1001, WO 1002, WO 1003
WO 1001 is 3 pages long
WO 1002 is 1 page long

WO 1003 is 2 pages long
You want to use the front and back of the paper, and also want each WO job to start on a new piece of paper.


From a V7 application, if you direct print a report, image it will not separate the records on individual pieces of paper because all records are treated as a single report job.  In this case, your printout will be like this






However, if you instead select the Direct Print with Attachments functionality, image and attach a single blank attachment to any one of your records, your printout will be like this.  This occurs because each record is treated like an individual print job.

For more details and screen shots on configuring duplex print jobs with report separation, reference this wiki page



**NOTE:  July 2012:  The configuration detailed in this wiki page is only applicable for the V7.1x releases thru V7.5.0.2.  Starting with V7.5.0.3, the property setting was introduced, which enables printing of each record separately when no attachments are in the record set**
 For additional details on configuring Direct Print or Direct Print with Attachments, reference the V7x Report Toolbar Access Direct Print Guides available here

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