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BiLog: Lists and Key Maximo Report Property Settings

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BiLog: Lists and Key Maximo Report Property Settings


Do you make lists?  Lists of things to do at work or home?  Lists of items to pick up when you’re out running errands, or lists of songs to download?  I love making lists, and I love them even better when I cross off things I’ve completed!   

In the spirit of lists, we’ve compiled a listing of key report property settings and cron tasks for you in this wiki page here.  These settings are applicable thru the Version release for BIRT Reporting.    You can then download the list, to make sure your configuration of Maximo reporting has been maximized.

You could also download this information from Maximo’s Property Setting application, and Cron Task application – but we’ve combined the two here for ease of use, and also included two JVM System property values that impact reporting. A few of these property files and cron tasks include Detailed in a recent Bilog, this property file impacts the text display of scheduled reports’ email text  Detailed here, this property file involves security access, and determines if the user who created an Ad Hoc report can edit it – if other other security groups have access to it.  In this circumstance, you may or may not want users to edit QBR reports --  so a property file is enabled for you determine how to apply it in your environment.  

REPORTOUTPUTCLEANUP – This cron task determines the frequency that report outputs from the Report Viewer application introduced in Version 7.5 are archived.  More details on the report viewer application, email url and this cron task can be found here

REPORTADHOCLOCINST – This cron task introduced in Version, determines the frequency that newly created Ad Hoc Report Request Pages are enabled in multi-language environments.  NOTE: This is only for mulitple language environments - and if you are using a single language environment, this cron task should remain inactive.
Enjoy this new report property list, and don't forget to add to your list to join the Maximo Reporting Community today!

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