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How to add a customized report from Maximo Base Services to Maximo Industry Solutions applications

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How to add a customized report from Maximo Base Services to Maximo Industry Solutions applications


The customized reports developed in BIRT and added to Maximo Base Services applications can be easily available at Industry Solutions cloned applications. To describe these steps, here is an example of adding a report from Work Order application (Maximo Base Services) to Work Order (Oil) application (Maximo for Oil and Gas).


Considering a customer who has developed a customized BIRT report in Work Order application and wants to make this report available at Work Order (Oil) application.

  • Customer's report name: wo_customer
  • Source application: Work Order
  • Target application: Work Order (Oil)


  1. Edit MAXIMO_HOME\reports\birt\reports\PLUSGWO\reports.xml file to add wo_customer report to Work Order (Oil) application.

             The xml piece that corresponds to wo_customer can be copied from the original Work Order reports.xml located at:


             and copied to the target Work Order (Oil) reports.xml file, located at:


         The example below shows the structure of xml piece to be added to the report. Note that toolbar sequence must be an unique number inside reports.xml file.

















  1. With the application server running, open the command prompt and access the following directory:

    MAXIMO_HOME\reports\birt\tools directory.

  1. Run the following command:

          importreports.cmd app PLUSGWO

  1. Log into Maximo Oil and Gas.

  2. Go to Administration → Reports → Reports Administration application.

  3. In the List Tab, look for wo_customer record

  4. Open wo_customer record and click on Run Request Page button. Wait until this process finishes.

  5. Go to Work Order (Oil) and open Select Action drop down. Select Run Reports option.

  6. Check Run Reports dialog: wo_customer report should be available as an option.


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