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Day Light Savings Time update with the ICU4J Time Zone Update Utility.

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Day Light Savings Time update with the ICU4J Time Zone Update Utility.


Maximo uses the Java ICU4J library to calculate date operations, for example, the preview window when showing dates in the future for Crontask. If this library is not up to date the calculations might be off by an hour when Daylight Savings Time begin or end. The application servers have their own versions of these libraries as well which can cause similar behavior if they are not up to date or not the same version. This is most noticeable when you have the server in one timezone and the user is registered for another.

There is a tool available to update these libraries on-line, ICU4J Time Zone Update Utility (ICUTZU).

Download the zip file and extract it in a folder on the application server, then start the icutzu.jar utility with the "java -jar icutzu.jar" command.




















Include your directories where you have Maximo installed and your application server, you can remove the default C:\ directory by right clicking on it and select "Remove selected Items" from the pop-up menu. Once done, click the "Search All" button.



























After the search is done, you can select the files to update. When updating your files, make sure the application server is shut down so the library is not used by the Java Virtual Machine. After the update, rebuild your EAR file and redeploy the application.

Even though the utility does create backups of the individually libraries, you should make your own backup and try this out in a QA environment before migrating the update libraries to your production.

Here is one example of the output from the utility, notice that the backups are located in the same directory where the tool was started.

Updating C:\TPAE7503\applications\maximo\maximouiweb\webmodule\webclient\applets\scheduler\icu4j-4_0_1.jar ...
Backup location: C:\icutzu-bin-1.5.0\Temp\icu4j-4_0_1\icu4j-4_0_1~1467346211008849669.jar
Successfully updated C:\TPAE7503\applications\maximo\maximouiweb\webmodule\webclient\applets\scheduler\icu4j-4_0_1.jar
Update ended.


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