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Smart Meters in IBM Maximo for Utilities

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Smart Meters in IBM Maximo for Utilities


Smart Meter - How to receive meter assets using xml file

After the version 7.5 of IBM Maximo for Utilities was released, some questions were raised about how the functionality of smart meters works.  Specifically, what the correct procedures to receive meter assets in bulk would be, were asked.  So, I have developed this document to explain how to do that. Smart Meter are devices that measure the consumption of electricity, gas, or water and modify standard rates according to use. Smart meters are delivered in large quantities, typically between 7000 to 9600 at a time.

You can receive multiple meters as rotating items, test them, and accept them into inventory. The receipt process allows you creates large numbers of meter assets automatically avoiding the manual process. It could be very time consuming to create thousands of records manually, and then filling in all the required fields. So, to understand how the receive asset process works, take a look on this link below.!/wiki/IBM%20Maximo%20Asset%20Management/page/Smart%20Meters--receive%20assets%20using%20an%20ASN%20file


I hope you enjoy this article and feel free to share your experiences.

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