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BiLog: Users...Maximo Business Intelligence Packs

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BiLog: Users...Maximo Business Intelligence Packs


imageThey are not for everyone.   Some people cringe or run away quickly when seeing them – while others embrace the beauty of these amazing succulent plants.

Likewise, the new Maximo Business Intelligence (BI) Packs introduced here are not intended for every user in your environment.  Its functionality targets a specific segment of your users.  And giving this tool to that segment of users will enable them to dynamically and efficiently analyze Maximo data.

As detailed in these BiLogs earlier, we often place Maximo users in five different categories when discussing reporting and data analysis.  These categories are based on the user’s job requirements and skill sets within Maximo.  

The BI packs of Cognos workspaces and metric reports target the Maximo Advanced user.  This is the user who wants access to all Maximo applications, and all reports.   These are the users who often request ‘backend database access’.   Additionally, they are often tasked by Management to investigate issues or trends, and have the ability to visualize data output in a variety of ways.  

imageThe Maximo Advanced User makes up a small percentage of your Maximo user base.   This user has a very high level of technical skills and database understanding, along with the business need to analyze data in many different formats and views.   

The data the Advanced user will be viewing in this content will not have the same User Interface or Actions as Maximo.   Additionally, the initial views of the data may not be what the user requires.   Therefore, the user will be required to utilize visualization and investigative skills to dynamically refresh the data to meet his individual, specific project needs.        

Matching the BI packs to the skill sets of your Advanced users provides an effective and efficient combination in analyzing your Maximo data.

To learn more about this solution, including reference materials and video recordings, access this wiki page here

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