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BiLog: Seeing Data...Maximo BI Packs

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BiLog: Seeing Data...Maximo BI Packs


imageDo you have a pair of these on your desk?   Even if yours aren’t fire engine red with cubic zirconia sparkles…glasses enable us to see things more clearly.
Likewise, the Maximo Business Intelligence (BI) Packs enable you to view Maximo data in a much clearer format.     

Frequently, your users export the results of an application query to Microsoft Excel to view and analyze Maximo data.  However, as shown here, the results of that data can be overwhelming, and tedious to sort, group and perform calculations on.      

Using the Maximo BI Packs however, enable your users a clear, concise, simple view of your unique Maximo data.  
Maximo BI Packs utilize IBM Cognos workspaces enable your Maximo Advanced Users to independently explore, visualize and analyze Maximo data.    Within these workspaces, these users can create, modify and share their content highlighting areas critical to your business.
With this extended content, six different Work Order Management Workspaces have been created.    The launching page workspace enables you to quickly navigate to a number of different workspaces.   Four work order workspaces present visualizations of work order metrics in varying views.   These views can be dynamically re-configured enabling you to focus on content most critical in your environment.   The sixth workspace provides easy access to detailed descriptions for each of the metrics.


To highlight the configurability and dynamic display of this functionality, the four different work order workspaces have been designed to utilize the same work order metrics.   However, by varying the filters on each workspace page – the user is able to very quickly view the metrics in the manner most important to him.  So whether he is interested in viewing the work order metrics by PM Worktype, for a site’s Critical Assets or by Safety Work Order Classification – the Work Order Management Workspaces enable that capability.
Utilizing the workspaces and metric reports within the Maximo BI packs will highlight non-performing work management areas in your business.  

To learn more about this new functionality, click here  or to download the functionality from IBM’s ISM library, click here


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