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Increasing the number of rows of records displayed in Labor Reporting

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Increasing the number of rows of records displayed in Labor Reporting


Are you tired of only being able to approve 15 labor records at a time? Is it tiresome to go through pages and pages of records to make all of the necessary approvals?  Well there's an easy fix!  There is a setting in the Application Designer application to change the number of records displayed in the Transactions table.  To update the setting, follow these steps:


1. Go to System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> Application Designer.

2. In the Find field, enter LABREP and click the Find image.

3. In the Workspace tab, highlight the section titled "tablebody..."

4. Right click the highlighted section and choose the Properties option.

5. In the Tablebody Properties dialog, change the value in the "Dislay Rows Per Page" field from 15 to the desired number of rows.

Note: The default is set to 15 for performance purposes and changing this value may degrade performance.

6. Save the record and sign out of Maximo.

7. Sign back into Maximo and go to the Labor Reporting application.  The desired number of rows should now show in the Transactions table.

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