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BiLog: And then there were MORE!....Maximo BI Packs

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BiLog: And then there were MORE!....Maximo BI Packs


MORE Maximo BI Pack Content!
Supplementing the existing Work Order Management and metric reports, the Maximo BI Packs have been further enhanced with the new Asset Management and Asset Failure workspaces and reports.   
imageThe critical assets in your business often define the health of your operation.  These assets may be vital to production processes, reliability of your operation, or safety processes.    If these assets are not properly maintained, your business processes may be severely impacted.    
Using the new Maximo BI Packs, you can view new key metrics related to your assets including Asset Failures, MTBF, Asset Spare Parts, Average Maintenance Costs and more!   This information can provide important insight as to the areas of your assets you may need to focus on.  


imageThe Asset Management workspaces and reports include Assets PM Plan, Asset Spare Part, and Asset Cost Analysis.  The Asset Costs include metrics for Average Maintenance Costs, along with Actual versus Budgeted costs.  
The Asset Failure Workspaces and metric reports include Asset Availability, Number of Failures, MTBF (Mean Time between Failures) and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)
The V75 Maximo BI Packs documentation has been updated with the latest information on these new metrics and workspaces.   Screenshots and details of each metric report and workspace is included, along with details on installing the new content and how you can configure it to meet your unique needs.   You can download the updated document here.
Additionally,  a demo recording reviewing the new Asset and Asset Failure metrics can be viewed here.
For additional details on the Maximo BI Packs, access this wiki page which includes the download for this content, along with multiple other demos and wiki page details. 
Thank you, and please comment here if you have any questions!

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