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BiLog: Two versus One .....Maximo Reporting Databases

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BiLog: Two versus One .....Maximo Reporting Databases


Sometimes TWO is better than one.  Speeding Tickets Noooooooo.  Red Velvet Cookies, Coins and databases – YES!.  
imageYou may want to configure your Maximo environment to use TWO separate databases.    


The first database is your production, transactional database that your Maximo UI servers utilize.   The SECOND database can be configured for your reports to execute from.  This second database is a snap-shot of your production, transactional database, and is sometimes referred to as a secondary, replicated or reporting database.



Using a reporting database can reduce the load on your production, transactional database and lead to performance improvements.  These performance improvements can be especially noticeable for complex reports.  


You can configure a secondary database for Maximo reporting in TWO Ways –

1. You can configure ALL of your reports to execute against the SECONDARY, reporting database.  In this case – all of your BIRT Enterprise reports, including QBR (Ad Hoc) reports that are either being created or are saved – will execute against the SECONDARY, reporting database.


2. Or you can configure a SUBSET of your reports to execute against the SECONDARY, reporting database.   For example, you may want to do configure your must complex, or period-ending reports against the reporting database, and have your transactional reports execute against the production database.


For details on configuring either of these database options for reporting, please reference the ‘Maximo Secondary Database Configuration Document’ here.  

For a full listing of the Maximo Report documentation, reference the Report Documentation Wiki page here or a spreadsheet listing of the Maximo documentation here


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