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BiLog: Moose..Maine..And How to get Started with V7 Report Development

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BiLog: Moose..Maine..And How to get Started with V7 Report Development



image Weighing in at over 1,200 pounds, seven feet in height and with antlers over 5 feet wide, moose are intimidating and inspiring.  This week I'm heading to Maine, whose official State Animal is the moose.  I'm driving to Maine to see a Maximo client - and while it would be incredible to see a moose on the drive up - -I'll be more than happy to see the occasional squirrel storing up his acorns for the winter. 
The client has asked me to spend some time with them on getting started with their report development.  As I started to get materials ready for the visit, I thought this was something that you might also find useful.  
Currently there are a number of report reference materials available, including a Report Feature Guide, Report Development Guides, Report Localization Guides, and customization details on report logos and modifying reports.  But for someone new to  Maximo 7 reporting, this information may be overwhelming. 

So, I’ve created a new wiki page that makes suggestions on how to start your custom report development in a Maximo 7 environment.  You can access this page by clicking here.
The page starts by reviewing a few prerequisites which should be done - - before creating custom reports.  These include making sure all data analysis options – like Ad Hoc reporting, Application Export and KPIs – are first reviewed before investing in a custom report.   More details can be found in this previous BiLog entry

Other prerequisite steps include making sure a report specification is available, the developer has the applicable skill sets and knowledge, and that the BIRT report designer is installed and configured.    In this step, be sure to select the version of BIRT that is supported with your Maximo instance.

After these steps have been completed, recommendations are given on using the Report Developer's Guide 
for step-by-step details in developing a report, along with information on parameters, hyperlinking and the report design file structure.  Other common customization requests - such as modifying one of our most popular reports - the Work Order Details report  - can be found.    You can download a workbook listing all the report reference documents here

Also, a recommendation to utilize Ad Hoc reporting to streamline your custom report development is detailed.    By creating an ad hoc report within a Maximo application, and then exporting it to the BIRT Designer, you can capitalize on the power of Maximo by having it do the work in defining the initial report sql, methods and format.  You can review a blog entry on this functionality here or access additional wiki pages on the Ad Hoc reporting functionality here
1,200 Pound Maine Moose - Intimidating.  Tips for getting started with Maximo Report Development -  Streamlined and focused.....



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