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You made my day!!

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You made my day!!


A few days ago one of our L2 engineers sent me a message via Sametime, asking if he can share something with me. Next thing I see on my screen is a big photo – showing 3 tired, but very happy looking people. I wondered what this was all about!


Our engineer then forwarded a note with big THANK YOU for the exceptional support provided by our team. He  explained that our client sent the ‘selfie’ to us along with the thank you note.


I have to give a big thank you back to our client - your email and photo really made our day!! Not only was I very happy that our team provided exceptional support to our client, but it was great to see that our client took the time to express their happiness and shared it with a note and a photo!


The note and photo were very quickly forwarded on to the rest of our management and support team and put a smile on many of our faces.


One of the most important things for us in Support is to provide a great client experience and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. We work persistently to resolve Problem Management Records (PMRs) as quick as possible; we’re always trying to be more efficient; we work hard to make the experience of working with our Support team a positive one; we listen to our clients to understand expectations, to see what we do well, and where we can improve.


Unfortunately, this information is often limited to feedback we receive through surveys. It would be great to see more of our clients send feedback on how we are doing – whether through the PMR or via email to the engineers / managers, or via Social Media outlets, such as these blogs. We’re always open to feedback and use it to help make improvements, drive efficiencies and improve our customer experience and satisfaction.


So - I would like to encourage all of you – our clients - to be open send us your thoughts and feedback…and if you send us a selfie, you can be sure that you put a smile on our faces and make our day!

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