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BiLog: Inventory Management BI Packs

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BiLog: Inventory Management BI Packs


How long have these been here?  A jar of mustard, a bottle of pineapple juice and a wedge of unidentifiable cheese in the back corner of our refrigerator?  While I scratch my head trying to remember the day of their last usage - I know that these items are extremely obsolete.

imageLikewise, you may have a number of items in your Inventory which are obsolete or inactive.  To help you identify issues like these,  new Inventory Management content for Maximo is now available!   This content is contained within the BI Packs, and supplements the existing content of Work Order, Asset Failure and Asset Management. The new inventory content provides new workspaces and metric reports on Inventory Turns, Inventory Currency, Material Stock Outs and Inactive Inventory.   

Your Planners, Storeroom Manager and Contract Managers can use the new inventory content in many ways.  They can gain visibility on the number of inventory turns by storeroom and site.    Low inventory ratios can indicate excessive or obsolete inventory.   High inventory ratios can indicate a more liquid inventory, but can also indicate potential inventory shortages.    

The new content also enables you to analyze how active or inactive your inventory is by  store room location, ABC Type or Commodity Group.   The flexibility and dynamic display of data enables your users immediate visual information, removing the need for them to analyze flat data.  

Additionally, this content enables you to view the percentages of active work orders that are waiting on materials.  Unavailability of materials when they are needed can lead to increased asset downtime, increased re-planning and individual management of work orders and increased tool, labor and material expediting fees.

You can download the new Inventory Management Content with the BI Packs via IBM's ISM library here.   For more details on the content, including details on how to configure and  install it, reference this document

Also, you can find recorded demos and addition details on the Maximo BI Packs, including content details on Work Order, Asset Failure and Asset Management here.

Thank you - and please comment if any questions!

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