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Reorder Formular


Reorder process creates PR/PO to replenish storeroom stock levels

Calculation: consider Reorder Point (ROP)  /  Economic Quantity (EOQ)  /  Current Balance (curbal), material reservations, expired stock, on order quantities, vendor catalog pricing, vendor contract

Organization application – Inventory options > Reorder



Reorder will consolidate all vendor/contract items onto PR/PO External Request – order placed against an outside vendor

Internal Request – order placed against an internal storeroom

Additional Lead Time (Days) – value to be added to the vendors lead time Ignore Reorder Point? - always order a quantity of one of the EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) levels for each item being ordered.

Reorder Direct Issue Items / Service Items
Reorder items that are listed on approved work orders and are issued without being received into Inventory.  Consider Contracts When Creating PR/POs? to look at existing contracts associated with this item or items to obtain pricing and contract details when creating PR/POs.


Cron Task Setup application – Automate reorder process to generate PR/PO



Crontask Parameters 




Direct issue
A list of sites for which direct issue items will be processed by the reorder cron task for each run. The list consists of semicolon separated site IDs. If it is an empty string, direct order items will not be reordered for any site. For example: site1;site2

Use Agreement
Whether agreements will be considered by reorder cron task. The value must be 1 or 0. 1 is for true, and 0 is for false.


A list of storerooms the reorder cron task will process at each run. The list is a semicolon
separated storeroom comma site pair. No storeroom will be reordered if the property has
an empty string. For example: site1,storeroom1;site2,storeroom2;


Order Quantity = [(ROP+1)-Qty on Order-Available Balance]

Order Quantity: Quantity in vendor’s order unit (conversion, issue unit, EOQ)
ROP: Reorder Point (MinLevel) in issue unit

Quantity on Order: Open PR/PO, receipts (WASSET,WINSP)
Available Balance: Curbal – Reserved Qty – Exp. Qty
Reserved Quantity= reserved by work order/asset/location
Expired Quantity= expired lotted items


Reorder paramaters from inventory tab:image

Reorder parameters from reorder tab:



1. No items get reordered / no PR get generated
2. Reordered quantity is incorrect or not in multiples of EOQ


For example:

Check Systemerr.log from \\IBM\Websphere\AppServer\profiles\custom01\logs\MXServer\
psdi.util.MXApplicationException: A conversion does not exist between unit of measure PK and EA.
psdi.util.MXApplicationException: Required field Order Unit is blank.

1) Order Unit cannot be null value.
2) If Internal flag is false (not checked), Storeroom and Storeroom site should have null values and read only.
3) Conversion factor must exist between unit of measure to convert issue unit to vendor’s order unit.  Setup Conversion factor and Units of measure under select action menu in Item Masters application
4) Check log file for any error messages (e.g. systemerr.log)


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