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A steel mill, a solar cell plant, and a fossil power generating station walked into a (really big) bar. They all were wearing a t-shirt that said “GOT EOM?” on the front and “Maximo Does” on the back. The Steel Mill says hey…   We’ll, you’ll just have to wait for the punch line.


So what’s this EOM thing? Enterprise Operations Management: EOM is about addressing operational processes such as Advanced Lockout-Tagout, Equipment Position /Status Reporting and Operational Configuration Control, Regulations/Regulatory Management, and Shift Operations Management in a comprehensive EAM inclusive way.


Back to the punch line…. Well I'm sorry, but there isn’t one, because it’s no joke: It just so happens that the steel mill, solar cell plant, and fossil plant represent real companies that are now “nuclear powered” by one or more features available in the Maximo Nuclear Industry Solution.


Maximo Nuclear, specifically Duty Stations and related applications address the needs of: Log Keeping, Equipment Configuration and Status, Equipment Rounds and Reading, Shift Turnover, Notifications, Objectives,  Site/Plant Status. While the principle use cases and key consumer of this application will be the classic “Operations Department” e.g. physical plant operations and process control, keep an open mind, because they have built in design flexibility that allows them to be used by other departments in support of or independent of plant operations e.g. Maintenance, Engineering, Construction or Industrial health departments in day to day processes, support of work or outage management, or special evolutions.


Today let’s focus in on what it takes to implement the shift operations management capabilities of Duty Stations. A duty station can be a very simple single person process or very complete and interrelated team processes. Regardless, the following questions should be explored in order to establish a solid foundation for decision making that will serve both current or future usage:

  1. What does your organization look like ?
    1. What  is your Org , Site, Units, Manager Level breakdown
    2. Do you have a shift team approach?
    3. Do you use individual position log keeping or a shift composite log keeping approach?
    4. What departments will use Duty Stations and do they have any operational relationship or other interdepartmental relationship?
  2. What are the requirements of your administrative procedures related to “Shift Operations” or other departmental duties?
  3. Are all the equipment rounds defined (area observations, equipment observations and readings that will require operator assessment and input)?
    1. Are any of the above dynamic and or variable relative to the status of the Plant/Unit or equipment?
  4. Are all the Assets and Locations being monitored and all the monitoring instruments themselves well configured in Maximo and the physical facility? (uniquely identifiable in Maximo, on plant drawings, and labeled in the facility)
  5. Is there a well defined standard for terms to categorize equipment status?

Seems pretty onerous especially if you don’t have the implied “good” answers to the above questions…but have no fear. While the recommendation for solid foundation stands, you can get immediate value by getting started right now with what you have.


The underlying “plan” for any given Duty Station is revisable, and therefore they can change to allow grow in both scope and depth while they are in use. Even when used in the simplest mode, there are immediate gains in command, control, communication, and transparency. Because Maximo's  EOM is embedded in its EAM system, the standardized and shared data allows for greater time and cost savings from both a process and IT support prospective


If you’d like to do some independent study of Maximo Nuclear’s Duty Station Applications, please take a look at our Information Center topic Maximo for Nuclear Power,  “Managing Shift Operations”

Feel free to contact  me for any  general discussion or specific questions on this topic.

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