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Event Propagation 'issue' in the Maximo Integration Framework

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Event Propagation 'issue' in the Maximo Integration Framework


With the release of Maximo 7.5 we introduced a feature in the Integration Framework to propagate events on a child object to the parent and generate an outbound transactions as described in this wiki page.  


The goal of this feature was to allow customers to generate outbound transactions when a change is made to a child object on an object structure when it is changed in the parent objects application.   

Over the recent weeks in Support we've seen customers attempting to use this feature to group together objects that are not related to one another in the context or the same application  - lets take this really simple example. 


First create an Object Structure with ASSET as the parent, ITEM as the child with relationship ASSET_ITEM, make sure the event propagation is configured. 



Then create an event enabled Publish Channel and add it to an active External System







Now if you open the Item Master application find an Item that has an Asset associated make a change to that Item which to trigger the event propagation this is not going to work - you'll see the following message in the log with the Integration logger dialed up to Debug:


nullcomparing relations - event relation = null os relation = ASSET_ITEM . 


Because in the world of the Item Master application there is no parent Asset object so the relationship cannot resolve.


So, what can we do?   Please click here to find out. . . . 

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