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Warranty Management enhancement in a Maximo Transportation/ACM 7.5.1 system

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Warranty Management enhancement in a Maximo Transportation/ACM 7.5.1 system


As an introductory theme, the IBM Maximo for Transportation provides asset management best practices to improve the productivity of all types of transportation assets such as trucks fleets, cars, buses, locomotives, rail cars, aircrafts and others. IBM Maximo for ACM (Maximo Asset Configuration Manager) provides real-time calculation of asset’s configuration and the life of each component of the asset as well as performing system and component analysis and reporting.

The latest versions of both products, Transportation and ACM 7.5.1, released in September 2013, had added an integrated functionality to enhance the management of Assets warranty.

In the industry routine, it’s very hard to keep up with the cost of maintenance and organizations cannot simply run the risk of maintain assets eventually under warranty if there is a vendor responsible for it, for example. These assets are not only new, they can be sometimes refurbished, remanufactured and even those can have a warranty term assigned to them, including smaller or spare parts of equipment.

Considering this scenario, if one has both products at the above mentioned versions installed together, it’s possible to have more control of an item warranty in Transportation. Before the 7.5.1 version, Maximo for Transportation already has the capacity of notifying the user about a possible warranty situation when user is in the process of planning work or repairs. So the new enhancement integrated with ACM works especially for when warranty is validated upon calculated meter readings, as it includes ACM meter reading logics from 7.5.1 version.

When you are doing any planning work or repair, in an out of the box system with both products, the system rules from ACM will prevail as default. Some cases will dictate to continue with the Transportation logics and this can be configured under the System Properties application with the mxe.plust.warranty.changestatus property value.

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