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Email Listener Communications via GMail - Part I: Importing the SSL Certificate

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Email Listener Communications via GMail - Part I: Importing the SSL Certificate


Part II and Part III of this series.

Companion article:  Email Listener Communications via using SSL & STARTTLS (review the GMail series as a prerequisite)

Email over SSL is new in IBM Maximo

A Note About SSL Certificates

In general, SSL certificates are acquired from certificate authorities.  The implementation of certificates falls in the province of the email server and application server.  Maximo does not directly (or even indirectly) handle or access SSL certificates.  The request for an SSL enabled connection is via a property issued to the JavaMail API.  Certificate handling occurs between the application server's JavaMail API and trust store and the email server.

Importing an SSL Certificate into Websphere

In this case we'll be using GMail over SSL.  Websphere provides a handy feature for pulling the SSL certificate from the email server.
  • Log into the Websphere console
  • Navigate to Security > SSL certificate and key management > under Related Items select Key stores and certificates > CellDefaultTrustStore > under Additional Properties select Signer certificates
  • Click on Retrieve from port                       
     Port:     465
     Alias:    gmail (or desired alias)   
image Stay tuned for Part II.


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