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Preventive Maintenance


Having a proper preventive maintenance program in place is key when it comes to managing locations and assets in any organization. A well constructed maintenance plan can save in labor hours and down time, so why not start using the Preventive Maintenance application? The application allows for the plan to be created against either a location or asset and has the flexibility to be either time or meter based and can be set to be active on the dates you specify. It allows for us to also add job plans which contain the details of the work to be performed by the laborer and all the materials and tools needed. There is also a Job Plan Sequence tab that allows for us to specify what job plan gets created when the record generates into a work order. So for a record that generates multiple times a year you can identify if a monthly, quarterly or yearly Job plan is used. The key to getting this to work is to keep this in mind. The job plan with the highest sequence number that divides evenly into the counter value is the job plan that will be used.

For meter based frequency records add the meter of the asset and then specify the needed information, when the threshold set is meet Maximo will generate the needed records into a work order. In the 75 version of Maximo the feature to forecast for Pm's has also been added and makes things easier for your planners. Now we can forecast a record for a period in the future see the dates when it should generate and if a job plan is related we will see which job plan is to be used. If any changes have to be done once the forecast is done, we can just use the new date field to change the next generation date as needed.

There is great flexibility for frequency based records also as we can choose to have then run  daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. If a date needs to be extended or adjusted there are easy ways to do this from the frequency tab. We can extend the date by adding a value into the extended date field and if you would like this to be the new date used moving forward just check the adjust next due date field at the same time. The PM Hiearchy tab can come in very handy when you have any large scale job that has to be done. Once a parent-child relationship is created amongst the records if any record in the set is due all will generate so all work can be done at once. This is handy when it comes to inspections that have to done on a large area, allowing for the all the work orders to be grouped easier. If you are also using work flow in Maximo the resonsibilty area will be very handy for you also. Using the Preventive Maintenance application in conjunction with a cron task will free up an immense amount of time for your user's to do other things. 

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