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Not sure how or where to get started with IBM Software Support?

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Not sure how or where to get started with IBM Software Support?


If you are new to IBM Software Support, have not really taken advantage of everything that we have to offer, or are simply not sure how / where to get started...then please read on.

Here are a few different ways to get started:

  • Just dive in and explore yourself - a good place to start is from the IBM Support Portal. By the way - this site has been voted one of 'Ten Best Web Support Sites' this year by the Association of Support Professionals - ASP!
  • Utilize the IBM Electronic Support Site, which 'walks' you through on how to get started with a step-by-step guide, provides a video on everything we have to offer on the Support Portal, as well as providing links to all the great resources available to you
  • Use the electronic version or print the IBM Support Quick Start Guide with a list of the key resources and links to help you get started

I am sure one of the above ways will help you to get started and ensure that you can really take advantage of all IBM Software Support has to offer. Have fun!

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