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Tracking Changes Made using E-Signature and E-Audit

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Tracking Changes Made using E-Signature and E-Audit


Ever have a user make a change in Maximo and wonder who made it and why? It Can be a very frustrating at times, so why not set up E signature or Auditing in Maximo. Both E Signature and Auditing come as part of your Maximo product and do not require any extra fee's, it just needs to be configured to work as you need. 
 E signature is set up via the database configuration application and is a fairly easy and quick to set up. From the select action menu, choose manage e signature and you shall the available options or you can enable the feature by checking the check box when looking at the attribute in database configuration under the advanced section of the page. When using the Manage E Signature Options box the top section of the page will have the actions, and the bottom portion has the options of what we want to apply the signature rules too. Once that has been put in place when a user makes a change they will be asked for their password and reason for the change being made. One can then run the electronic signature transaction report to find out what changes were made and by whom. 
To set up auditing within Maximo one would also do this from the database configuration application. Bring up the object you would like to enable and place a check mark in the Audit Enabled field and save. Once that has been done move to the attributes tab, under the advanced section there is an option of audit enabled. Check the audit enabled box to enable auditing for this attribute and Maximo will log all changes made. Unlike e signature there is no box shown on screen asking for reasons changes were made or asking for any password, the users will not know it is tracking who made the changes. As mentioned earlier, there is a report that can be run, the electronic audit transaction report and this will show you who and when the change was made also. 
Those are just 2 simple things that can be done to track who made the change and why the change was made, no more sitting there scratching your head trying to figure out the who and the why. 



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