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Who Moved My Work Order?

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Who Moved My Work Order?












BMXAA4200E - Record has been updated by another user. Refetch and try again.



Ok, you are a Maximo user, right? So, it is very likely that this dreadful message has popped up on your screen before immediately triggering a desperate reaction from you.

- Somebody help, quick, quick! There's an intruder messing with my data! Right? No? Oh...ok, that's good. Anyway, you don't have to panic, just forget 911 for a moment... or Batman.



Relax, nobody is messing with your data. This is a common message that many Maximo users often experience. The logic behind the message is actually to help you prevent different people from changing the same record at the same time thus protecting the data from simultaneous updates. In most cases whenever two or more users access the same record simultaneously, Maximo will then lock the open sessions and present the message to warn you about what is happening to your data so that serious inconsistencies can be prevented, it is not an unexplained bug or an intruder (remember to breathe).

The reason being that Maximo uses optimistic locking to ensure that two users cannot update the same record without being aware of each other's updates. Each Maximo table has a column named ROWSTAMP which is set to a TIMESTAMP datatype on SQL Server or is populated from a sequence by trigger on Oracle and DB2. This ensures that when a record is updated the value of ROWSTAMP changes.



For a detailed technical approach on the matter and to see other possible causes to the message, please refer to the original Technote on which this entry is based at:


However, if after this quick chat you still feel puzzled by that message and you think something is not right or if you have any other Maximo related questions, please call Maximo Support. We'll be glad to help!



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