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The Preset Limit 5000 Was Exceeded

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The Preset Limit 5000 Was Exceeded


Any customer with a large database has run into the famous preset limit of 5000 was exceeded error message. There are a few ways around this message, increasing the size of the fetch stop limit. This workaround will not always work as it is a global setting and who wants large result sets across all applications for all users. Another option is to decrease  the size of the result set itself by adding further information to filter information as needed. Good option but it we don't always have the option to filter out information into smaller results sets. Such as when a crontask runs, it will look at all the records and if the result set it too large you receive the error message. 
A great work around the preset limit of 5000 is to use the mxe.db.fetchStopExclusion setting in the system properties application. This option allows for any object added to the global value to be excluded from the prefetch stop limit and will allow for the whole record set to be loaded. 
In the system properties application bring up the mxe.db.fetchStopExclusion, add the value to the global value field. You can add more than one object name, just make sure to separate them  by a comma. Once the values have been added check the check box in the global properties section and perform a live refresh, now the listed objects are no longer part of the fetch stop limit of 5000.


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