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Maximo 7.6 Installation: Where are the Industry Solutions?

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Maximo 7.6 Installation: Where are the Industry Solutions?


It's been a awhile since I've written my last blog, now that the new year is here, and the holidays are over it's time to get back to some knowledge sharing.

As many of you now know, Maximo 7.6 has been released. If you haven't seen the install please head on over to my colleagues series of blogs: Installing Maximo 7.6: A first look. Once you have Maximo 7.6 installed you may be wondering where all the 7.6 industry solutions are.

Although we are running Maximo 7.6, many of the 7.5 Industry Solutions are certified and supported to run on 7.6.  You can head over to this technote to review which 7.5 industry solutions are currently certified.  So now that we know many of our 7.5 industry solutions will run on Maximo 7.6, how do we install them?


Installing certified 7.5 industry solutions on Maximo 7.6

For this example we will be installing Calibration 7.5. We have downloaded the existing 7.5 package and extracted to a directory.  Once extracted open a command prompt and CD to \IBM\SMP\bin and run the following command.

solutioninstallerGUI.bat -pkgpath path_to_industry_solution_package -nl language -license accept  (replace .bat with .sh for unix)

So for our Calibration install the command will look like the following:

solutionInstallerGUI.bat -pkgpath C:\IBM\Industry\Calibration\Install\CALIBRATIONINSTALL\ -nl en -license accept



Once the command runs, the new industry solution installer will launch, this is different that what you would see when launching the solution installer in Maximo 7.5. View the warning, create the backups and click OK.



Once you have clicked OK, accept the license agreements and let the Industry solution installer run. Once finished it will report the installation was successful. You can now click OK to launch the Maximo 7.6 config tool to update the database and rebuild\deploy the ears or click cancel to install another industry solution.


After clicking OK the configuration tool will launch. You should be familiar with this tool at this point as it is used by the base Maximo 7.6 install as well.  Click on 'Update Database and Build and Deploy Application EAR files'.



A summary page will show your current version information and packages. As you can see our IBM Maximo Calibration package is now installed. Under the current state section you will see what is required, in our case, it is the database update and the ear rebuild\redeploy.



After clicking 'Next' on the previous screen you will be prompted with the options for deployment. Choose the options required from the last page and then click finish. Once done you will be able to log into Maximo 7.6 running your industry solution.  Any warnings or errors will be display in the console.



Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please post in the comment section below.

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