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Massive update of Asset attributes using MxLoader

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Massive update of Asset attributes using MxLoader


MxLoader is a great tool and allows to perform massive updates in Maximo in few seconds. Updating attributes can be a little tricky so here is a little tutorial on how to do it.

First of all you have to download MxLoader and familiarize with it if you do not already know it. The User Guide has a nice introduction on how to use it.

When MxLoader is corretly working and connected to your Maximo server you can click on the 'New MxSheet' button and select the 'Assets - Asset Classification and Attributes' template.

Type an SQL where clause in cell D1 to select the list of assets you would like to update. In this example I am selecting a specific type of pumps querying by ITEMNUM.



If you want to change the attributes values you have to:

  1. Type the new value in the appropriate cells of column E or F
  2. Type ~NULL~ in all the empty cells in the SECTION field in column G. This is because SECTION is a required field.
  3. Change the action in cell C1 to Sync-AddChange

In this example I have set the SPEED of these pumps to 1300 instead of 1200.



If you now click on the Run button your updated attributes will be synched with Maximo.



Be careful when choosing the right action to set in cell C1. There are two main options.

  • Sync: Attributes will be created, updated or deleted to match the input data.
  • Sync-AddChange: Attributes will be created or updated to match the input data. It is similar to the ‘Sync’ action but child objects will never be deleted.

This means that if you choose 'Sync' the attributes will be created, updated or deleted to exactly match the definition in MxLoader. This can lead to deletion of some attributes. The 'Sync-AddChange' is a safer option if you just want to update existing attribute values.

Refer to the MxLoader User Guide for more information.


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