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BiLog: Maximo 76...BIRT Upgrade

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BiLog: Maximo 76...BIRT Upgrade


I upgraded my seat.  They served me beverages, called me by name and gave me dinner that wasn't double wrapped in cellophane. I was no longer seat 23B wresting for elbow and overhead space.  Yea!
You can also upgrade to Maximo 76!  Packed with new BI features highlighted in this diagram, Maximo 76 also includes an upgrade to BIRT 431.   This new BIRT release enables multiple new features including
       - New report viewer file export options
       - Additional email xls file export options
       - Enhanced BROS architecture
       - Improved report cancellation for long running reports
       - Improved error Logging at parent - child - grandchild level
      -  Updated platform support, including browser and application servers
      -  Numerous performance enablers including Notificaitons and Server Limits
       - And more...much much more!




To develop or customize reports, the BIRT 431 designer can be downloaded from here.  Also, remember these best practices when upgrading to BIRT  in Maximo 76
    1.  Backup your report source
    2.  If you previously customized delivered BIRT reports and did not rename the file, your customizations may be overwritten with this release.  Therefore, be sure to review your customized reports – and rename them – before applying this release.   
    3.  Perform all configuration steps when installing the new BIRT 431 version 
    4.  Re-encrypt the database password in the file
    5.  Review the Report Designer guide for potential issues you may see with the BIRT upgrade.   Specific issues we saw when upgrading the delivered reports centered around exporting reports to the new file types of xlsx and  other xls emitter formats.   The report contents were either placed in a single cell or incompletely exported.    For a listing of files that were updated, along with the fixes that were made - reference the Report Designer guide
To find out more about the new BIRT features in Maximo 76 , access the latest 76 BI  web recordings documentation or attend Interconnect 2015  to see, experience and learn more about the Maximo 76 release.

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