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BiLog: Maximo 76....New Report Performance Features

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BiLog: Maximo 76....New Report Performance Features


The performance was spectacular.  The consumption of six chocolate and potato chip cookies was done in record time.  Spurred on by their performance enablers of smell, warmth and my driving hunger, rapid morsel feasting was inevitable

In Maximo 76, numerous new report performance features are available and many existing features have been enhanced.  These performance features target delivering report content quickly to meet the dynamic business needs of your users.

imageThe new Maximo 76 Report Performance guide reviews the new features in the five key reporting processes of :  Configuration, Design, Development, Administration and Execution.  As a best practice, you should review each of these processes  to maximize report performance in your environment.  If any of the five components is not analyzed, your entire reporting process will not be optimized.
The new Maximo 76 report performance features targeting improved processing and prevention of accidental massive report execution include
1.  Improved BROS configuration - When a BROS (BIRT Report Only Server) is configured, all report processing  - including previewing ad hoc reports,  and direct print/direct print with attachment reports - will execute from the BROS server.
2.  Report Server Limits - Configurable by security group, these new  limits can be defined to stop massive report execution from processing.
3.  Report Cancellation - This process has been significantly enhanced so reports can be cancelled regardless of which stage of report processing they are in.  
4.  Report Escalations - Introduced in Maximo 76, these escalations can be quickly configured to seamlessly notify your administrators of long running reports so he can quickly circumvent any potential performance problems.  
5.  Report Preview Limits - Also configurable by security group, these new limits can be defined to limit the number of records your business and power users see when creating ad hoc reports.   
In addition to the performance guide, more details of these features are available via the Maximo 76 demo recordings.  Also, we'll continue to explore these features in more detail via the report wiki and bilogs.

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