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Conditionally hiding fields in Maximo

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Conditionally hiding fields in Maximo


The condition is if user is in the person group

1. Create a person group ex:facility and add the users to this group where you want to hide fields
   assuming that all the users existed in the EVERYONE security group
2. Create a conditional expression 1234 for object persongroupview
(:&PERSONID& in (select personid from persongroupview where persongroup='facility'))
Always Evaluate
3. In the application designer create a SigOption hidelocation by Add/Modify signature option enter description as Hide Location ex: Asset Application
4. Select the field you want to hide from user ex: Asset tab Location field
5. Right click to go to properties
6. Enter Sig Option Data Source ID as MAINRECORD
7. In the Advanced Tab click configure conditional properties
8. Select the SigOption that you created hidelocation
9. Select the Group EVERYONE
10. Select the condition 1234
11. Enter the Property value for condition is true and display true
12. Save the configurations
13. Log out and login as maxadmin user
14. Go to EVERYONE user security group
15. From the application tab Asset uncheck the SigOption hidelocation

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