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Maximo 7.5: Restricting the list of available statuses based on current record status

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Maximo 7.5: Restricting the list of available statuses based on current record status


How do you restrict the list of values displayed in the change status dialog box within Workorder Tracking application, based on the current status of the workorder?

For example:
You might want to prevent users from changing the status of workorders that are in APPR (Approved) status to CAN (Canceled). The following is one way you might accomplish this task.

First, navigate to Condition Expression Manager and create a new conditional expression, such as in the following example:

In the fields provided, populate them with the following values:

Type: Expression
Expression: :status not in ('APPR')

Save the expression.

Next, navigate to the domains application and bring up the WOSTATUS domain.

Go into the domain, and select the status checkboxes corresponding to the CAN status.

You will notice a button at the bottom of the screen appears called "set conditions". Click this button.

Select the "new row" button in the Set Conditions dialog box, and select the new condition you created above, and click OK.

The above condition means, display this dialog box entry if the condition is true. In this case, if you select a workorder that is in
WAPPR status, the condition evaluates to true (the status is not in the status APPR) and therefore the CAN status will display.

If the workorder status is in APPR status, the condition will be false. Therefore, the CAN status associated with the conditional expression will not display. Since there are no conditions on the other statuses applied, the CAN status is
the only status affected by the condition.


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