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BiLog: Maximo 76..Cognos..Business User Report Development Tool

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BiLog: Maximo 76..Cognos..Business User Report Development Tool




Are you a do-it-yourself-er?   Making your own sandwich, walking up and down the Grand Canyon and driving yourself to work each day?

You may have a subset of do-it-youself-ers (also known as  business or power users) who may want to also create their own reports for their unique project or analytic needs. 


With Maximo 76, your business users can utilize QBR or Ad Hoc Reporting to create their own reports within the various Maximo applications.  These reports can include fields from multiple objects, include summaries, filters, calculations, groupings and optionally apply the application query. 

Additionally, with the new Cognos 10.2.1 BI Server entitlement in Maximo 76, your do-it-youself-ers or Power Users can create their own reports using Cognos Workspace Advanced.




To highlight this new capability, a  new demo recording is now available.   Using the use case of Outstanding PM Work Orders, a report is created started with the metadata.   The metadata enables the business uers to select fields from multiple objects - without having to create the sql or understand the relationships between the objects.  

After selecting a number of fields, filters are added on Site, Status and Work Type, and then Summaries added to show the Total of Estimated Duration and Count of Work Order records.   

To speed the analysis, the Scheduled Start Date is added in a Quarterly dimension, and then used as a section to analyze the data.  Finally, a column graph is added where the user can quickly see the estimated duration of the Outstanding PM Work by Quarter.

Please note that your entitlement to the Cognos BI tools in Maximo 76 also includes the Business User tool, Query Studio.  However, per this announcement 
Cognos is replacing Query Studio with Workspace Advanced.   In future Cognos releases, Query Studio will not be available - so you may want to start your Business Users now in using Workspace Advanced.  


In addition to this demo, multiple other Maximo 76 BI demo recordings are available for download including

 - A six part series on each of the new Ad Hoc (QBR) report features in Maximo 76

 - Information on the new KPI Template and and KPI Viewer applications

 - Multiple other demo recordings on Report Performance Features, Expression Library and Maximo Application and Trending workspaces here

Be a do-it-yourself-er with  Cognos Workspace Advanced!

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