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SQL logging, it can be helpful.

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SQL logging, it can be helpful.


Here you are, working away with Maximo and you get one of those very vague Maximo errors. "An error has occurred, gather the logs from the home directory", ORA 1000" one of those that just make you exhale, great!, now what to do. The first thing to do is, take a breath, it's only Maximo, it's not life threatening. If your a Maximo user, you simply pick up the phone and call the administrator, time for a coffee break I guess.

If you're the administrator, you want to fix the issue as quickly as possibly so that coffee break is not too long, what to do? The first step I would suggest is setting the SQL log property to INFO. 














Expand the line by pressing the chevron next to the SQL logger and expand the line. Once Expanded change the Log Level to info.








Save your changes, follow the on screen instructions and apply the changes. Once they have been applied have the user reproduce the issue. Have then supply you with the time they reproduced the issue and head over the websphere logs. All the SQL generated will be written to the server logs, pick the one with the time stamp they have provided you with. Now you may possibly have to check both the system out and system error log file for the error, so again the time frame of when the issue happened helps here again. Search by time and error and you should be able to find the error in the log with a very helpful stack trace behind it. If your an expert reading logs, then have at it, go nuts. Generally, you should have enough information to track down the issue from here. Once the issue is corrected walk over to where the  coffee machine is and start your own conversation about how thrilling it was to review the logs and how the issue was solved. I guarantee the moment you mention changing the log level to info they will all be back at their desk. 

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