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BiLog: Maximo 76..What's in there?...Cognos Products and Entitlement

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BiLog: Maximo 76..What's in there?...Cognos Products and Entitlement


What's in  there?  My memorymy glasses or....Maximo 76!
Yes!  Maximo 76 is filled with unexpected, amazing features including direct entitlement to Cognos BI Reporting Version 10.2.1!   This new entitlement enables a 1:1 Maximo to Cognos licenses and access to its very powerful, visual and insightful BI enterprise portolio of tools.
With Maximo 76 you have access to nearly double the amount of Cognos tools available in Maximo 76 including 
1.  Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) Server : The Cognos BI server is the main component that Maximo 76 integrates with and uses. The Cognos BI Server includes the following products intended for the following users:  
                     Administrators: Cognos Administration
                     Report Developers:   Report Studio, Cognos Workspace Advanced
                     Power and Business Users:   Query Studio, Cognos Workspace
2.  Framework Manager: This is a Windows based program intended for the Administrator to review, modify and publish Cognos packages
3.  Cognos Insight: Power and Business User tool for analyzing Maximo data using various data sources including .csv files.   
4.  Cognos Life Cycle Manager:  Web based development tool for visually comparing Cognos reports in legacy and new environments.   
5.  Cognos Dynamic Query Analyzer: Provides visual representation of meta data package performance - with potential high risk areas highlighted in red.   


These tools visually present the vast amounts of Maximo data in new insightful and analytical formats.  

 A presentation reviewing these tools and providing additional information can be downloaded by clicking on the Attachment tab of this page.  Additionally, you can download a document detailing these products here

And recorded demos of Cognos with Maximo 76 can be found here, or you can subscribe to the Maximo Development YouTube Channel here
New Maximo 76...fantastic!

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